Sebastian/Blaine fic mentioning Sebastian's grandmother/childhood

Unfortunately I don't remember much about this one, except I think it involved Sebastian setting out to seduce Blaine but being grudgingly in love with him.

I remember it starts with Sebastian as a little kid playing with his grandmother's dollhouse, but then it gets taken away because his family thinks that's "gay", and "Sebastian never saw that dollhouse again".

New direction saves Kurt from homophobes

I don’t really remember how it starts, but Kurt gets kidnapped by some people and put in the trunk of a car (I think). New direction realize he’s missing and run after them until they find Kurt in the woods near Lima. The people that got him hung him from a tree, but the guys cut him down (I think Puck had a knife).
Please help me find it

Rachel/Santana series on

Hi, I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.
I'm looking for a story I've read years ago, when the show was still airing. I think it was around season 2-3, before part of the cast graduated high school. I'm sure it was on
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Found: 'Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed' series by thememoriesfire

Kurt Broadway

A story I read I don't know how long ago where Kurt gets a role on stage,  I think it was off Broadway, while Rachel is preparing for Funny Girl. 

Things I remember: Rachel has gone a little crazy because of the role, Santana isn't her understudy but starts dating the girl I believe. I  don't think Kurt was with Blaine but with Adam or Elliot. 

If  anyone knows what I'm talking about and has a link they could share, I'd appreciate it. 

Also if my tags are off, let me know, this if my first time using live journal  much less posting to a community. 

Faberry — "Black and White" — Rachel finds Quinn's sketchbook.

I'm hoping someone will have, or know where to find, a copy of this fic. (The link I have for it is dead). 

"Black and White" by pleasure...chest
Quinn doesn’t only draw pornographic images of Rachel on the bathroom stalls. Rachel finds a notebook full of them, and of course Rachel confronts Quinn about them and sexytimes ensue.