Kurt Broadway

A story I read I don't know how long ago where Kurt gets a role on stage,  I think it was off Broadway, while Rachel is preparing for Funny Girl. 

Things I remember: Rachel has gone a little crazy because of the role, Santana isn't her understudy but starts dating the girl I believe. I  don't think Kurt was with Blaine but with Adam or Elliot. 

If  anyone knows what I'm talking about and has a link they could share, I'd appreciate it. 

Also if my tags are off, let me know, this if my first time using live journal  much less posting to a community. 

Faberry — "Black and White" — Rachel finds Quinn's sketchbook.

I'm hoping someone will have, or know where to find, a copy of this fic. (The link I have for it is dead). 

"Black and White" by pleasure...chest
Quinn doesn’t only draw pornographic images of Rachel on the bathroom stalls. Rachel finds a notebook full of them, and of course Rachel confronts Quinn about them and sexytimes ensue.


hello everyone, I'm looking for a fanfiction about glee with a Sam and Kurt pairing where Kurt sings I'm not that girl from Wicked about Sam who likes Quinn and later in the story Quinn sings it to Kurt to let him know Sam likes him. I'm not sure if the story is still about but I cannot find it anywhere. It's been a couple of years since I last read it so I cannot remember anymore details unfortunately, hopefully someone can recognise it and let me know,

Many thanks,


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Puckurt, Puck cheats

I'm looking for a Puckurt fic, I thought it was this:


but it is not. Puck and Kurt are together for a long time, probably married. Puck sleeps with the mother of one of his students, I think he teaches piano or music. He and Kurt stay together after this. That's all I remember.

So, purely by happenstance I found this fic that I was looking for. I was just reading some old faves, then went to their list of fave stories to read some of those and found this in debraelq's list of favorite stories:


It's no wonder I didn't remember much more, it's conversations between Kurt and Burt over the years.

FOUND: Sebastian younger brother fic where Blaine is ND teacher?

Found this fic once and it was really good and have been searching for probably a year. Here's what I remember:

One of the band kids ruins the sheet music falling down the stairs. Turns out he did it on purpose bc they band/set/costume people never get any appreciation. I think Blaine is teaching the ND, and it turns out this kid (I think his name is Felix) is Sebastian's younger brother and is being abused. He has an injured shoulder during this fic, and I think there's a scene with Felix and Blaine in the bathroom where Blaine asks him to take off his sweatshirt so he can see the damage and Felix says, "I don't have to" and Blaine replies, "you're right, you don't, but then I can't help you."
Bella and Alice Cullen, femslash, Bellice

I need help finding a Dark Faberry fanfic

Rachel is a teacher and so is Sam (I think). Quinn is a student who has had a crush on her and overheard Rachel talk about her date with Sam or perhaps more. Sam is either Rachel's boyfriend or fiancé and Quinn drugs Rachel with the help of Brittany and Santana. 
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Puck/Kurt leave Lima

Burt dies, Kurt packs up to leave and Puck asks if he can go with. They end up in the Pacific Northwest somewhere and eventually fall in love. Puck works at a bar, Kurt at a coffee shop. Kurt ends up with his own store? At the end they go back for a reunion in Lima where everyone is suprised they are married.

so, I was looking at a different fic, clicked on the auther and there was the fic I was looking for! It's this:

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Kurtbastian fic


I'm sure I read a fic at some point a while ago about the TFT episode where Blaine managed to get further with Kurt in the Scandals parking lot. I remember Sebastian coming out and helping Kurt. If I remember correctly Sebastian took Kurt back into the club and I think changed Kurt's clothes?? I remember the bouncer being sympathetic while Sebastian was taking Kurt back inside. Honestly I've read so many fics with this premise I might be mixing them up but I also think Kurt managed to headbutt Blaine. I cannot seem to find this fic again and I've tried everything. If anyone knows this fic I'd really appreciate it!