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July 2015



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Orphan!Kurt recommendation.

Hi everyone!
I was wondering if there are fics where Burt dies from his heart attack and it's aftermath on Kurt's life. I already read "Poison and wine" (which for the record was AMAZING!)

Also if someone could recommend for me any fics about Kurt having PTSD or any kind of mental illness, I will love you forever. :D

P.S: Any/no pairing is totally fine with me, But i prefer the completed, multi-chaptered fics.
Thank you guys in advance <3


If you don't mind crossovers; this story involved Kurt going to live in Forks with his Uncle after his father dies.

I know of about 2 or 3 more crossover stories that deal with orphan Kurt as well if you'd like them.
Crossovers sounds great! I honestly never read any crossovers before but I can read some for a change :D
Well if you dont mind another crossover there's which is a really good one
I started reading the first chapter, aned I have to admit That it seems like a really good fic.
Thank you so much for ur help :D
Yes! Tip/Tilt, by Rainjoy, is a Klaine fic that takes place after Burt doesn't survive in Grilled Cheesus:

Kurt is also an orphan in the fifth chapter of Course Corrections:

You might have to read the whole fic for it to make sense, though!

For mental illness, the best one I can think of is One In Four, where Kurt has DID. (MAJOR trigger warnings for PTSD and abuse!)
One In Four

The only other one I can think of was unfortunately deleted by the author. :/
Thank you so much for ur help :D I really appreciate it.