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glee finders by debris_k

November 2016



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Fic recs: Kurt Mpregs

Hello! I'm looking for your favourite Kurt Hummel MPreg recs. Dont mind what pairing :)

(Mod - couldn't see an Mpreg tag so used pregnancy. That ok?)


Do you prefer fics in which Kurt is pregnant, or he has already been pregnant and has a child?
I was looking for pregnant, but thinking about it either is good! *greedy hands make grabbing motions* :)
hmm, I don't have a lot of recs, but I don't come empty-handed either.

A Sefish Kind of Love
Puck/Kurt; Puck and Kurt are married and considering divorce.

A Light In The Dark
Puck/Kurt; Kurt miscarries and escapes an abusive relationship with Jessie. Puck helps him cope.

Puck/Kurt; this is really short, but it's adorable ♥ </small>

If I manage to find any more, I'll drop another comment. :)
ignore my html fail please, hnng
Woohoo! Cheers for these! Putting them on my kindle to read on hols at the weekend :D


There haven't been any mpreg searches yet, I don't think, but I've expanded the pregnancy tag to theme:pregnancy & mpreg; hopefully that'll do the job. :-)

Re: [mod]

Cheers mod!
So... I don't read mpreg, but I know that fatebegins does a LOT of Kurt/Puck mpreg. And from I've heard, she'd really good. You can find her stuff here. :)
Brilliant recs! Have downloaded stuff onto kindle to read on hols. Cant wait! :D
I hope you find something you like. :)
Mpreg is usually not my thing. Having said that, I can tell you that fatal_scribbles is the exception to my rule. She has a gorgeous, gorgeous prose style. You can find her fics linked on the puckurt delicious page: here.

Cheers so much!

Re: just read this and its awesome

Yay! Thanks for the rec! Adding to my glee collection to read on hols :D


Kurt/Finn mpreg