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June 2015



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Looking for two kurtbastian fics


I looking for two fics I had read last week and lost...

One of them is probably a WIP and in the chapter I remembered, Sebastian is discussing an upcoming party with Blaine and Puck, maybe other warblers and Sam, the point is Puck will take an entire sorority as his "plus one" and Seb is indignant because Kurt had said he was a whore because he had one night stand all the time, and for Puck it's not the same thing because he is sleeping with girls. And Blaine explain to Seb that is the same thing for girls, if they have many lovers they have a bad reputation.

For my second request: It's a Seklaine, in wich Kurt is persuaded that Sebastian did not desire him, because in their threesome, they had almost never sex together, they are always pleasing Blaine, but never each other. And one day Blaine have to leave for a music tour, and Sebastian is very thrilled to make Kurt his. Because he never had the chance and in fact, he finds Kurt absolutely gorgeous. And he is as in love with him as he is with Blaine. And Kurt is more than willing. Because the non-sex between them, hurt him a lot.

Thanks for any help. And for other recs, if you have some long Kurtbastian, I'm game.



I don't know about the first one, but the second is Not My Type.
That's the one!!! Thanks a lot
A Change in the weather by cacophonylights is Kurtbastian, and amazing.
It is a WIP, but updated frequently

There is also Should Be An Interesting Year by ilovethesoundofviolins
Which is also amazing, a WIP and Kurtbastian.

They are both long, and going to get longer.
Hope that helps some :)
Thanks hun
A change in the weather is already on my list, but the second one is new so thank you honey