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Jul. 11th, 2014

snarry, tea


Kurt Tells Finn about Puck/Quinn

I was wondering if there were any recommended fics that are similar to gleefulmusings Choices, where Kurt tells Finn about the Puck/Quinn situation. I'm looking for complete fics, preferably longer with a developing relationship (slash or friendship) between Kurt and Finn, but I'll take shorter ones, if you've got them.


Jul. 10th, 2014


Klaine step-brothers

So I'm looking for this fanfiction about Kurt and Blaine where Burt didn't marry Carole but Blaine's mother. Blaine is straight or thinks he's straight at the beginning. They both go to McKinley and Rachel wants Blaine. Klaine get together then and I can't remember more. Please help me find it? :)

Jul. 9th, 2014

Cory Montieth, Glee


Fic Rec Search: missing scene from Dance With Somebody


I'm looking for fics from the season 3 episode "Dance With Somebody" that take place during the scene between Burt & Kurt, where Kurt is 'triaging' his room for what to take, what stays, & what to throw away when he moves to New York & is about his and Blaine's relationship: IE the comment Kurt made about them 'being on the rocks'. For some reason, I keep thinking I may have seen one that shows this, but I'm not sure. Also, during the conversation, Burt could have said something to the effect of pointing out that Kurt's behavior with regards to both Blaine and Chandler weren't right & how would he feel if he were in Blaine's position. But again, I'm not sure.

If anyone knows of any fics that might fit this, please send them my way! Thanks!


Complete Kurt/other

Hello! I'm looking for some long (not one shots) Kurt/other fics. I want to see Kurt with someone outside of the box. Not Finn, Puck, Blaine, Dave, Sebastian, Adam, or Sam.
Fics I've already read are
Dressing room (Kurt/OC)
Unexpected (Kurt/ Jeff) and
The Asian Mystery (kurt/wes)

Thank you!!!!

Jul. 8th, 2014


orphaned Blaine taking care of his sister(s)


I'm looking for fanfiction where Blaine parents have died and he has to take care of his sister(s). I read one by maxcs called outnumbered and it was really good. I was wondering if there were more like that. Help please


M-preg Klaine - Kurt loses the baby.


I've been searching for this story for days and I can't find it so I'm hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction.
The story had a pregnant Kurt who is attacked by a jock possibly Karofsky or Azimo at McKinley causing him to lose the baby.

Thanks in advance.

Jul. 7th, 2014



Homeless Blaine orand Blaine centric Angst

I'm looking for fics where Blaine is really down on his luck, possibly isolated, and just generally angst. Also, homeless!Blaine fics. He doesn't need to be totally woobified -he can be angry and rough acting due to.bullying for instance- as long as it's angst.


Specific Fic

I am looking for a fic where kurt is a year younger than everyone in glee club. Mercedes replaces him with Quinn and he isn't invited to any glee club parties. After he tries to kill himself kurt get Rachel's dad as his therapist. I know that Rachel becomes his math tutor and his friend in the end


Specific Fic

All I can recall from the fic is:
- Kurt and the Warblers are at the GAP
- Karofsky is there
- At some point someone (I'm pretty sure its Kurt) gets thrown through the glass window by Karofsky.
- It's pre-Klaine.

Please help!

Jul. 6th, 2014


Kurt centric Artie bashing fics.

Hello I am looking for any fics that are Kurt centric with character bashing. Not Kurt bashing but other members. I read a few with Blaine and Finn and puck. I'm looking for rare ones like Artie bashing or Mercedes. As for pairings, if you could avoid klaine and madam, I am not a fan of those ones at all. Thank you all also if any tags are wrong I say sorry now


Puck/rachel fic search

Hello! I'm trying to find a puckleberry fic I read ages ago. The plot goes something like this- Rachel's dads' force her to go live with puck's family for a short period of time. Both puck and rachel hate the idea and I think puck is forced to give up his room or something. Ultimately of course they start becoming friends, he helps her out with the kids at school etc. please let me know if anyone can remember the name of this fic or where I can find it. I had assumed that it was a fic by smc-27 (who writes brilliant puckleberry fics) but I can't seem to find it on her livejournal.

Thank you!

Jul. 5th, 2014


Mafia Klaine Fic Please Help

I'm looking for a fic where blaine is a mobster or a gangster and he's very rich. Kurt is dating blaine and they meet all the time at some club. Kurt becomes pregnant and he runs away. Blaine finds him and takes him back.

Jul. 4th, 2014


Kurt Fanfic Search

I've looked here and on a for a specific Kurt story. In it Kurt is attacked by Azimio in the locker room. Another student (not in Glee club) tries to help and she gets hurt as well. I know that Kurt and Blaine know each other. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Jul. 3rd, 2014


Kurt and Blaine meet in kindergarten

I was looking for a Klaine fic I read sometime ago, Kurt and Blaine meet in I think kindergarten and, of course, decide to become best friends. They make each other Valentine's Day Cards and exchange them in school. Blaine is very careful to use a lot of glitter on his card for Kurt. I believe they continue to exchange VDay cards throughout their friendship. Two things I remember:

When Blaine discovers he likes playing football at recess Kurt gets upset, thinking its the beginning of the end for their friendship, but he ultimately bedazzles/glitters a football jersey for Blaine and cheers him on during games.

During one card exchange, which takes place in the school hallway, (elementary I think, they're still young, and not yet out) an older student bumps them roughly into each other and calls them a homophobic slur. Kurt asks his dad what it is and Burt does his best to explain it to Kurt, while trying to reinforce that whatever happens Kurt is fine and loved just how he is.

I think they ultimately end up dating, I think Kurt does lose his Mom, and possibly Blaine has to move away but I might be mixing that piece in from another story.

Thanks for any help!

Jun. 30th, 2014


Kurt fic; high teen suicide rates, suicide ideation

Hi, I'm looking for a fic where everyone at Mckinley becomes aware (I think through a newspaper article, or something?) about the abnormally high suicide rate among gay teens. I think Kurt has a meeeting with Mrs Pillsbury, and everyone becomes concerned, but the jocks use it as ammo, telling him to just kill himself already. I think that someone left pre-written suicide notes in his locker? Anyway, at one point, the New DIrections hear the football team/Karofsky saying this, and in front of everyone, Kurt yells about what would happen if he did kill himself, even though he doesn't actually want to. Thanks in advance if anyone recognizes this fic!


Klaine teacher/student

I'm looking for a fic where Blaine is a teacher at Dalton. I remember that Kurt had transferred back to mckinley and after the whole prom queen fiasco he went to dalton to see Blaine. They danced in Blaine's classroom and I remember Blaine being grateful he'd had a growth spurt in college or something so he was taller than Kurt by a little bit. I'm pretty certain they had sex over Blaine's desk after. That's all I can remember, thanks in advance to anyone who recognizes this!!

Jun. 28th, 2014


Kurt Hummel + The Unholy Trinity

I'm looking for recs for Kurt/Quinn, Kurt/Santana, Kurt/Brittany friendships.

I also really enjoy Cheerio!Kurt.

Sorry if the tags are wrong. This is my first time posting.

Thanks in advanced. :)

Jun. 27th, 2014



I remember that kurt and puck get married in a clearing where kurt's mom and dad got married and they didn't tell Finn for some reason. I think beth was involved somehow.


Specific Kurt at Dalton Fanfic

Hi! I'm looking for this one fanfic where Kurt transfers to Dalton after getting bullied at McKinley and joins the cheerleading team the (Daltoniers?) sorry I don't know how to spell it. And Jeff is already on the team and also shows Kurt around I think. A little later in the fic after a cheerleading practice, Kurt waits until everyone leaves and then starts to undress but just after he takes off his shirt Jeff walks in and sees the huge bruises on his back. Then Kurt starts crying.

This is all I remember. I hope this helps. Oh and this definitely is a Klaine fic.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)


au Klaine meet on lakehouse vacation

I have been looking for this story for a while, I believe it had artwork with it but I don't know which came first, the fic or the art. I went through the KB Reversebang tumblr with no luck.

Rachel and Kurt are living in NY (I think Blaine also lives in NY, but the three don't know each other.) and take a vacation at a lake house somewhere. There they meet Blaine, who has rented the house next door (I think they meet when Blaine is out running and Kurt is just getting out of the house?). Rachel starts inviting Blaine to dinner so he won't have to eat alone. Kurt and Blaine eventually get together but agree at the outset (?) that it will be a vacation fling. When the time comes for Kurt and Rachel to head back to New York, Blaine leaves as well. Unbeknownst to the other Kurt and Blaine each slip their contact info into the other's book or luggage. (I think one of them had a journal and the other maybe had a novel which were used as the hiding places). I'm fairly certain one note was written on a gum wrapper.

The artwork was, I believe, a pencil sketch with Kurt sitting on the dock and Blaine was laying down with his head in Kurt's lap. there may have been bonus art as well, but I don't remember the details of it.

Found: Three Weeks of Summer series by alianne . The one I was looking for is the first of the series.

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