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Jul. 23rd, 2014


Looking for Master Kurt Slave Blaine Fanfiction

I am looking for any fanfiction simlar to what am looking for ones were Blaine is a slave and Kurt is his Master but I am looking for ones were Kurt is nice to Blaine and doesn't treat him like a slave were Kurt doesn't want to be a master and hate that there is slaves in the first place I DO NOT WANT ANY FANFICTION WERE KURT IS MEAN TO BLAINE PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Jul. 22nd, 2014


some what abused Kurt (Klaine)

It was like a 5 time story. Kurt is still at Dalton, and dating Blaine. The first time Kurt comes to see the new direction he's sad, he and Blaine got in a fight, but the he picks Kurt up and everything is good. I don't remember the other ones. But the 5th time Kurt comes to see the new direction. He wouldn't look up at them. When he does everyone sees that half of his face is bruised. He says the he and Blaine got in a fight but, Blaine didn't hit him. He just got pushed to a wall. I think Kurt says that he loves Blaine but doesn't know what to do. I think Quinn was holding Kurt (Blaine was calling him) As some of the guys(and Santana) wanted to hurt Blaine (they don't)

Jul. 21st, 2014



The only thing I remember from this story is that Kurt was beat up by the opposing football team. And I think it was Puck who found him a shower in a pool in blood. I know that's not much to go on...


General Fic Search

Hi! I'm looking for any stories where Kurt is being abused by someone and people find out.
I would love some fics that have OC's that are the abusers, maybe ones that are close to Burt (ex: a mechanic in the shop, old school buddy, extended family etc.).

Jul. 20th, 2014


Kurt/Puck story


I am looking for a fic. All i can remember is that Kurt and Puck are together. And they get a call about Shelby and Beth being in a wreck. I tihnk Kurt has helped Puck stay in contact with em.

Anyways they continue to raise Beth together.

Help please. Thanks

Jul. 19th, 2014


Kurt/Sebastian NY AU

It's where Sebastian owns a bar similar to Coyote Ugly and Kurt becomes an employee who works there. It ends with them dating after he quit. It was longer than a one-shot. I don't remember where I found it or who wrote it.



Jul. 18th, 2014


Rachel fic search

Hi, hoping you can help me find a fic where rachel is very different outside of glee, I remember her singing at a gay club/warehouse and the rest of glee were surprised to see her there. Thanks

Jul. 17th, 2014



The only thing I remember about this fic was Blaine had a mental condition that makes him want to be the center of attention. Every guy that paid attention to Kurt, Blaine would go after him. I think Blaine slept with David, and Puck was told to keep away because he was a cuddle whore and flirts a lot with Kurt.



Recs - Kurt Centric

I'm looking for some Kurt fics where he goes to another college instead of NYADA.


Jul. 16th, 2014


Vampire Klaine fics

I'm mostly looking for recommendations. I really want fics where either Kurt or Blaine is a vampire and the other is human, though fics where they're both vampires are cool too. A trope I really love is when whoever is human is dying and whoever is a vampire is forced to turn them to save them, but it doesn't have to include that. Just vampires!!

I've read What I Hide Reminds Me by missbeizy and Until My Dying Breath by EmilianaDarling.

Oneshots or Multi chaptered, porn or plot, it's all good!!



Hi everyone,
I have three requests,

Are there any stories where:

1)Kurt rules the school

2)Kurt is in alliance with Sue/ he is her protege

3)Someone (i.e. a new principle) stamps down on bullying.

Thank you for anything you could recommend!


Blaine/Kurt instant attraction (complete)

Hey all!
I'm looking for non-specific fics in which Blaine takes one look at Kurt and wants him. Where there is no dancing around each other or Rachel/gap situations.
Rec your favorites?

Jul. 15th, 2014


Sebastian and Kurt

I'm trying to find a story I thought that I had it bookmarked but...
When Blaine tries to rape Kurt outside Scandal and then Sebastian saves. Kurt in shock. It has Santana and Brittany that's (best) friends with Kurt. And they try to get them together. That's all I remember.



Specific Search and Recs: Kurt allergies

I remember reading a fic where Kurt broke out in hives on his face and it was because of red color dye in the slushies. Every one ends up making fun of him for it until he explains it.

That's about all I remember of the story. I think it was on FF.Net, but not entirely sure. FOUND: You Are Beautiful by rofro05

As for the Recs: anything where Kurt has an allergic reaction. Be it slushy dye, or peanuts anything goes.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Still looking for recs. Thanks for finding my specific search!
Merlin bbc


Klaine slavefic

Hi I am looking for a fic I read not so long ago, where Blaine was the slave of prince or king Kurt
in this fic Blaine is bullied by the other slaves because he is favorite and is only friends with Sam (and puck?), so when "something"  (don't remember) happens and Kurt decides to punish all slaves Blaine's saves them.
It was a WIP when I read it, and probably it was on

Jul. 14th, 2014


Looking for a Klaine Fic

Hi everyone,
I really want to find a klaine fic that refuses to show it self><...

It is a klaine fic and from memory, I think it was something along the lines of - Blaine was depressed and (think it was after the breakup) and plans to suicide. But before ending his own life, he decided that he wants to see kurt for the last time, however, after the meet up, kurt keeps on asking him to stay or go out with him...etc, which delayed the Blaine's plans. Eventually they fall in love again and reunites and on the night before their wedding or just some night, Blaine decides to tell kurt that he had saved him. Kurt then replies with an "I know" and that's why he keeps on trying to keep Blaine around. So Blaine asks Kurt how he knew, and kurt replies it's because he saw Blaine's expression that first day, and it was exactly like his own's in the mirror during the Karofsky bullying times before Dalton, when kurt also considered ending his own life. Ends with something like kurt saying to Blaine he had saved him without knowing.

So that's all I can remember and I would love to find this fic so thanks to anyone who gives a hand!

Jul. 13th, 2014


Like one of your french boys by cornflakesareglutenfree

Hi, I'm looking for this story because it vanished off of I've tried to message the writer weeks ago, but haven't gotten a response, so I wondered if anyone knew where it might be posted? Or if anyone had a copy? I really want to read it again.


Soulmate!klaine and klaine-kurt/quinn?

Okay so I'm looking for two different fics..

1. Soulmate!klaine (famous Blaine maybe?)
I remember Blaine attending an event that I think vouge was holding (Kurt works there?) and Isabelle get's excited saying "he never comes to these things" and then Kurt is all "oh this is actually my soulmate". There might be an age gap as well? FOUND: You Make Me Feel So Young by chatterboxrose

2. This one Kurt and Quinn have a baby together. I remember that They keep it and Burt and Carol adopt the baby. Later on I remember that Kurt starts dating Blaine and he first introduces the child as his brother but later on tells Blaine that's it's actually his. (In the last bit they come visit from New York with their child?) FOUND: here

(thanks in advanced!)

Jul. 12th, 2014

Leo Hutchins

kitty Kurt fic

Hi everyone. I need help finding a fix I read awhile back. In it Kurt is a cat hybrid but no one knows. Its during a glee club meeting where everyone is their with their siblings. The girls are also cat hybrids. Everyone is surprised when Kurt plays with the kids. If anyone knows it or the link for it I would be greatful

Jul. 11th, 2014


Specific Fic Search: recluse!blaine cop!kurt

I'm looking for a fic with recluse!blaine and cop!kurt.

What I remember of the plot was blaine is scared to leave his apartment and hasn't done so in like 10 years. The one night cooper forces him out to a club where he has a panic attack in the bathroom and meets kurt who helps him out and gets him home.

Their story continues from there, but I was wondering if someone could help me locate this fic please =D

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