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glee finders by debris_k

February 2017



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Feb. 26th, 2017


Sex classes

I'm looking for a fic where the students in the school Kurt goes to must pass a sex exam, i think it was hand and oral, and passing meant bringing someone to orgasm? idk. Anyway Kurt has a boy pussy and he has no partner for the classes which is required, so the instructor/ teacher which is Blaine allows Kurt to be his partner for practice and demonstrations infront of the class where Blaine shows everyone in the class what to do and then they try it

Feb. 24th, 2017


Kurt gets sick on stage.

I can only remember a couple of details. Kurt is working on broadway, he ends up having to run off the stage to be sick and the director makes sure to cut the mic so he's not heard by the audience. He's taken to his dressing room and told he shouldn't have come in because he has an understudy for that very reason. I don't remember anything else.

Feb. 23rd, 2017


Blaine with chronic illness

Looking for any fics where Blaine has a chronic illness - such as diabetes, asthma, sleep disorder, etc. I've read many good asthma fics and just looking for more. Really looking for the hurt/comfort aspect. And Klaine only please! Thanks

Feb. 22nd, 2017



Heya i'm searching for a specific fanfic!
I've been searching for it forever and i only remember reading it once.
The summary is that blaine gets into an accident (don't remember what happend) and he gets into a coma. He gets back in time to the day he meets Kurt for the first time to do every mistake over. Everytime he does it wrong he starts over again. In the end he has to chose between present kurt and the kurt he is with in his comatose state (spoiler) present kurt is cheating on him and he finds that out on time.

Yes i know i remember a lot about the fic but i can't seem to find it! Please help me :3

Feb. 20th, 2017


[found] klaine relationship reveal

Hey guys, it's been a while but I've been trying to find a fic where Kurt and Blaine meet through dreams (or something??) and New Directions doesn't think Blaine is real until he stops by the choir room. Thanks for the help!


Force age play Kurt/ Famous Blaine

So never done this before so sorry if I do something wrong.
Anyway I'm looking for any Fanfic's with Baby kurt but being force by someone to act that way. I read Baby Boy by pictureimperfect on Ao3. And one where Finn and Rachel are Kurt's Mama and Papa. Anything like that be awesome.
Other one, where Blaine is some how famous and he meets Kurt. And they start to date. The paparazzi find out somehow and they both have to come to terms with they new fame.


Enchanted with Klaine

I'm looking for a Kaline fanfic I read a while ago with Kurt as Robert and Blaine as Giselle from Enchanted. Rachel and Quinn get together and I'm 99% sure Sebastian is the evil queen character. It's mostly fluffy and Kurt teaches Blaine how to masturbate.

Hopefully someone will know this and thanks!

Feb. 18th, 2017


Kurt ageplay/infantilism and Wheels

I have recently read a few fics where Klaine has been in an ageplay relationship, and I actually found it quite adorable. I have read Daddy's Little Man and various works by Ellie226 who is a great writer anyway, but I was just looking out as to whether there were any more fics like this around with Kurt as the baby. If anyone could recommend any I'd be grateful.

Also, another ask is whether there are any fics with either Rachel finding out that Kurt fluffed his note on purpose in Defying Gravity or the rest of the glee club finding out he did.

Thank you!

Feb. 16th, 2017


Kurt hit by football

Looking for a specific fic.Vaguely remember Kurt is sitting in the bleachers during football practice and the kicker kicks the ball right into Kurt's face injuring him. Cant remember anything else. Not sure on pairing.

Feb. 14th, 2017


Klaine Fanfiction

I'm looking for a fanfiction I read a while ago were Rachel is jelious of how much the Hudson/Hummel like Blaine and she try's a bunch of things to try and out do him. I remember there a part where Blaine has his own special cup with his name on it and that make Rachel really angry. Please I really want to read it again

Feb. 10th, 2017


Insecure!Kurt Fanfictions & Sebastian Insults Kurt Fanfictions?

Most of the time, in Klaine fanfictions, the insecure one of the two is always Blaine. But, I would really enjoy reading some fics where Kurt is the insecure one for a change!
Kurt could be insecure about his body, his voice, his looks, his weight Blaine's love for him, etc..

These could be set in the 'Born This Way Episode' the 'Sexy' episode, or Sebastian's existence in the series. I especially love ones where Kurt is concerned about his weight.

Pretty much whatever insecure!Kurt fanfictions you can find I'm alright with. These fics can be any pairing with Kurt, but I prefer Klaine.

Also, I would like some fics where Blaine finds out about Sebastian always insulting Kurt whenever he's not around?

Feb. 9th, 2017


Harry Potter Crossover

The only thing I seem to remember is that Harry and Blaine work out together at this gym and Kurt is jealous. I can't remember if it was Klaine or not but Kurt showed up to watch them after Blaine had said something. I'm pretty sure Kurt and Blaine were part of the Warblers while Harry was in New Directions when the other Warblers' spy on Blaine and Harry together.

Feb. 2nd, 2017

adam blake


General Search - abusive Klaine

Rewatching Glee, and wanting to read a certain kind of fic...

Are there any stories out there where after Blaine cheats on Kurt, Kurt becomes physically/emotionally abusive to Blaine? Maybe he feels like he deserves it because he cheated, and Blaine puts up with it because he feels so guilty and is so grateful to have Kurt back, and is afraid Kurt will leave him if he protests the way he's being treated?

Anything close to along these lines would be appreciated. 

Jan. 31st, 2017



*FOUND Specific Fic Blaine Sexually Assulted

Hey, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago and cannot seem to find anymore. In the beginning it leads you to think that Kurt and Blaine got gay bashed after leaving the movies and that Kurt was hurt the worst and winds up in a comma. After he wakes up you find out that Blaine was raped by their attackers and had to submit to them so they wouldn't hurt Kurt worse. Burt was really involved, and I think Blaine and Burt have a conversation about the fact that Blaine isn't eating and Blaine admits that he is afraid to have to use the bathroom in case it would hurt. It was such a good fic, and I'm so sad I can't find it. It was either on AO3 or FF.

Thanks :)

The story is There's all kinds of Courage by rholou
darth vadar


PucKurt cuteness

hey, im looking for a specific fic where Puck and Kurt become reading buddies by leaving books on a park bench for each other; one of their main reads is Harry Potter. i read it donkey's years ago and i want to give it another read.

Jan. 29th, 2017


(no subject)

Ok so I looking for any Klaine Fanfiction were done someone in the New Directions or the whole club itself tries to break up Klaine but they don't succeed.

Jan. 24th, 2017


kurt fics

Hi everyone, recently I read a fic in which Kurt puts his father before him, and I loved it. So Im looking for fics where Kurt gets sick,... but he puts his family before him, and doesnt care of his health. I dont care if the fic is general or it has a couple.

Thanks beforehand.

Jan. 18th, 2017


Please Help!

Pezberry Fic:- Rachel and Santana starts dating to make Quinn and Brittany jealous. In the process they fell in love, but break up after Brittany confession. Brittany tries to hurt Rachel but Santana doesn't believe it. Rachel gets hurt and ends up losing her memory. Santana breaks up with Brittany. Santana asks Quinn to pretend to be Rachel GF.

Jan. 14th, 2017

Blaine bow tie


Fic where Tina gets pregnant - lives with Blaine and Kurt

I am looking for a fic I remember reading. I believe Blaine and Tina were roommates. Tina unexpectedly gets pregnant with Mike's baby and Blaine helps with the baby. I think she was still in school. Blaine also meets Kurt during this time and Kurt ends up moving in. It was a really cute fic as I recall. Anyone recognize it?


Sebastian kidnaps Kurt and forces him to act like a baby

Im looking for a fanfiction where kurt is with blaine till he is kiddnaped by sebastian as a revenge and sebastian trains him to act like a baby. Its a little bit dark and we can see that sebastians starts to really care about his little baby.
I cant find this fic anywhere (i think it was deleted) but i want to read it again so bad!
Can someone help me? Thank you!!

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