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glee finders by debris_k

August 2015



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Aug. 1st, 2015



Kurtbastian, Kurt a working actor in NY, Sebastian in finance in Boston

I forgot to bookmark it, and now I want to re-read.

It must be post college.  Kurt is working as a stage actor and getting good roles.
There are a few OC's.  One of them is a playwrite engaged to Rachel.

Sebastian lives and works in Boston, but he has to be in NYC once a month.  He and Kurt develop a friendship and a f*ckbuddies kind of relationship.  Both of them are reluctant to admit how much they actually care for each other because they are both scared of a long distance relationship.

Kurt gets an opportunity to do Shakespeare in Boston, so they get to spend weeks together instead of just a couple days.

At the end of each chapter there was a twitter entry from a fangirl of Kurt's that was following his stage career, and she would post about her Kurt sightings.


Make Me Happy by iaminarage

Jul. 30th, 2015


Specific crisscolfer (ish) fic needs finding

In the story, an obsessed fan takes Darren and Chris hostage and makes them reenact their klaine scenes together as well as other non scripted scenes. He(?) refused to give them food whenever they wouldn't comply or would punish them. Darren and Chris play along to survive.

Jul. 31st, 2015



Klaine love triangle and specific fic

Anyone here can recommend me some well written love triangle fic between Klaine and Kurt/Anyone with endgame!Klaine? (I prefer Kadam, Kurtbastian or even an OC. Please no Furt, Wurt(?) lol idk Will/Kurt's pairing name or Kurtofsky.)
Angst is super welcome but I'm fine with fluffity fluff and *cough*smut*cough* too :D

As for my specific search, I don't remember much but I know it's about kidnapping and I guess the pairing is Klaine? (I'm not really sure tho)
At some point there was this minor car accident and Kurt was there with his kidnapper. I think the suspect is either Sebastian or Karofsky.
Lol I know I'm not really helping with my clues but I hope someone can get my point.
Thanks in advance guys!

Jul. 29th, 2015


Puckurt fic

Hi !

I'm searching for a specific Puckurt fic and I can't find it anywhere.
All I remember is that Kurt and Noah are married. Noah is in the military and after Burt death (who worked in Washington and not in the garage), he discovers that Finn isn't dead. Burt was hiding him somewhere I think ?? Also, Noah waited until Finn was back to tell Kurt ?

Thank you!

Jul. 28th, 2015


Sick!Kurt daddies!klaine

Hi I'm looking for a fic where kurt gets ill with a virus and one time when he, Blaine and their children are at the library kurt collapses - he has a heart problem


Mpreg Kurt fanfic

Dont remember much, I do remmeber Kirt was pregnant with Blaines baby and Blaines dad was unhappy about it, showed up at McKinley and pitched a fit. Somehow during the fighting, physical and verbal, it came out that Kurt was with child.


Klaine D/s Soulmates Matching Tattoos Specific Fic

Hi!  I remember reading a Klaine story some time ago that I'd really like to read again.  It was a soulmates one with D/s as well, and in it everyone went to some sort of festivial or fair to try and find their mates.  The subs couldn't see the Doms, but the way the Doms knew it was their partner was because of a matching tattoo.  I'm pretty sure Kurt was the Dom and Blaine was the sub.  

Jul. 27th, 2015


Kurt and Blaine parental fanfic

Okay. I really gotta get better about bookmarking stories. I don't remember a lot about this fic, however I remember the epilogue. It was broken in to two chapters I believ, each small section of the epilogue spoke of other things. One part spoke about Burts death, another part, the one I remember most clearly were the sections about kurt and Blaines deaths and their daughter standing with her own daughter at the grave stones and announcing the names of her twins was to be Blaine and Kurt.

Jul. 26th, 2015

Noemi Spano

Klaine Medieval Au

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for a Klaine Medieval/Historical AU. In this story Kurt refuses a marriage proposal from Blaine who is a noble man (I don't remember if he was a earl, duke or else) because of the reputation of Blaine's late father who is said to have been an incredibly cruel man. After that Blaine goes to war and his mother goes to Kurt's castle hoping to find Blaine or at least have some news because he and Burt are giving shelter to injuried soldiers. She ends up staying there to help Kurt and the more she talks about her son the more Kurt regrets refusing his proposal and kind of fall in love with him. In the end Blaine came back from war and Kurt finally says yes to the proposal.

(Mods please could I have some help with the tags? I couldn't find them so I wrote some but I'm not sure I got them right... Thanks!)

Jul. 25th, 2015


Kurt/Blaine AU

Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. I believe it was on FF.net and I don't remember the plot but i remember Kurt is lonely and not in glee club or there is no glee club. And on Kurt's birthday the Spanish teacher is the only one that knows and later somehow Kurt and Blaine are togther in Kurt's room and Kurt goes into the bathroom while he plays his "suicide Playlist" and Blaine realizes it's Kurt's birthday and tries to go into the bathroom and stop him. Sorry don't remember much else about it but I really want to read it again! Please help me!

Jul. 24th, 2015



I am looking for a certain story but any stories of this trio are welcome. The story is the trio live together, but Kurt doesn't think that Sebastian likes him and Blaine seems to be pulling away so when Blaine and Sebastian go on a vacation Kurt can't take, he moves out and into this really rundown apartment. He throws himself into his job and starts to get sick.


Specific search: Klaine, Soulmates, Famous Blaine

I'm looking for a fic (can't remember title or author) where Kurt is roommates with Rachel in New York, and has never searched for his soulmate (there is a procedure which you can opt to do to reveal who is written on your skin, or something along those lines) because of a bullying experience in high school. He finally does the procedure and Blaine Anderson is written on his skin, but doesn't really think it's the world famous Blaine Anderson. One day Rachel takes him to a Blaine concert he sees Blaine in the bathroom and shows him his name on his skin. Blaine thinks it's a hoax (this has happened to him before). Kurt resorts to posting on social media to get Blaine's attention and convince him that he's really his soulmate.


Soulmate Kurtbastian

Hello! Some time ago I read an uncompleted fic about kurtbastian being soulmates.The name of your soulmate is wrote on your wrist and if he dies it turns black from blue.Sebastian's soulmate's name was black and he thought he was dead.All the characters had some special powers that were stronger when getting closer to their soulmate.It was a historical fic if I remember correctly ,Sebastian being the adopted son of some kind of king and Kurt working in his father's bakery.Help please?If it helps , I think I read it on fanfiction.net

Jul. 19th, 2015


D/s Klaine AU sub Blaine, Dom Kurt

Looking for a completed Klaine D/s, Blaine is a bit younger than Kurt. Kurt lives in New York and is back in Lima to visit his Dad. Blaine is in High School and his home life is a bit tense because his sub designation has just become known. Blaine goes to a state house to be dominated as he is unclaimed and would otherwise become sick, he generally expects and receives uncaring treatment.

Kurt is also not in a claim, apparently he is uninterested in entering a claim. and goes to the same state house for release. There he meets Blaine and after their first encounter they arrange to meet there daily. They each develop but don't acknowledge feelings for the other.

Meanwhile, Kurt goes to Mckinley to visit/encourage his old glee club of which Blaine is a member (I'm pretty sure this is a part of the story I'm looking for but I may be mixing in a different story). Blaine thinks he recognizes Kurt's voice, but isn't certain and I believe Kurt doesn't see Blaine there in the group.

Ultimately K&B get together and they enter a claim. There is a sequel where they move back to Kurt's place in New York and Blaine finishes High School there. I believe in this story Dalton is in New York (but again don't hold me to that part).

I thought it was on AO3 but I can't find it there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

With thanks to tikaya for the link to the original on the GKM

Unwanted and the sequel
525,600 Minutes on AO3

Jul. 18th, 2015


warblers fic

There's a fanfic where Kurt was kidnapped by a couple who wanted a son when he was young, they were abusive to him and this left him disabled and needing to walk with a cane. Kurt ended up going to Dalton. There's a bit where he is called to the dean's office because the police found out about everything. I don't remember what this fanfic is called and I cannot find it anywhere, if anyone can give me a link to this it would be greatly appreciated.


Dom!Blaine and Sub!Kurt in a loving relationship

Hi !

I always shied away from dom/sub stories because, in the few that I read, the sub is always treated like an object, a sex toy or simply a toy in general, shared with other doms and dub/noncon is always very present. And BDSM too. And I don't like all these things. At all. But then those two last days I read "Clained" by gingersnapfic (that can be found here : http://gingersnapfic.livejournal.com/ ) and that changed everything.

So, basically I'm looking for Klaine stories where Kurt is the sub and Blaine is the dom and they're very loving and very sappy and where being a dom is more about protectiveness and possessiveness and taking care of his sub, making sure he's happy etc... just like "Claimed" and where none of the elements mentionned in the first part of my post are present. I don't know if there are many stories like that. Probably not but, if there are, I definitely would love to read them.

bp!Kurt is welcome but if he doesn't have a boypussy the story is very welcome too.
All lenghts are welcome as long as the story is finished. I hate WIPs because it's frustrated when they never get finished (I just read a Klaine incest story called "Best brother ever" on a kink meme and I loved it but then I discovered it stooped at part 4b and never was updated...)

I hope I'm tagging this properly and I also hope that not everybody is on holidays and that I'll get replies :)

(as usual, sorry about the icon, still haven't changed it. I should use a multi-fandom one, that would be easier :)

Jul. 17th, 2015


ND kids adopted by Will and Emma

Hey, I read an AU fic awhile ago where Will and Emma were the foster parents to a lot of the ND members. It was mostly Kurt and Puck centric (though not as a couple), but it also focused on everyone else quite a bit.

The things I remember are:
- Kurt was younger than everyone.
- Puck went to drive to California to see his sister and his mom was sorta horrible.
- Kurt was sleeping in the back seat and he ended up tagging along with Puck.
- it was a WIP (from the last I've seen)
- Finn, Puck, Kurt, and Brittany were for sure part of the adopted group, along with some others, but I'm not sure who exactly.
- Everyone was really protective of Kurt, because he was the youngest and all small and innocent.
- Sue was their next door neighbor(?).

If anybody knows what this fic is called, I would be so appreciative!

Thanks in advance.

Jul. 18th, 2015


Kurt-centric Klaine fic during season three

Hi I'm looking for a specific klaine fic. Here's what I remember:
- Kurt gets scouted for a special choir group.
- Santana might have pointed the scouters to Kurt's location when they visited Mckinley.
- Kurt might have sang Evanescence - Bring Me To Life for audition.
- Kurt couldn't go to National caused by conflicting schedule.
- New Directions and Dalton Academy Warblers tied for Regionals and both team qualifies for Nationals show choir competition.
- Kurt gets a special dispensation that allows him to attend NYADA in the future should he choose to.
- Finn starts to resent Kurt as his relationship with Rachel get affected negatively by keeping Kurt's secret from Rachel.

Jul. 15th, 2015


Kurt gets Rachel pregnant

I'm looking for a fanfic where Kurt got Rachel pregnant. Rachel didn't want to keep the baby but Kurt did so instead of putting the baby up for adoption Kurt gets custody. I don't remember much else about it but would love to find something that matches that description or any other Kurt fathers Rachel fics.


Sam rapes Quinn/ Puckurt

This whole story is Puckurt but I think that Kurt is friends with Quinn, and she goes on a date with Sam and he rapes her. Quinn (I think) goes to Puck's house and Puck and Kurt are there. Puck wants to go beat him up. That's all I remember.
I've tried googling it and searching for it on here, no luck.



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