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May 2015



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May. 26th, 2015


I'm searching for 2 fics (a coma!blaine fic and rachel's parents bullied kurt fic)

coma!blaine fic
Extra tags:-coma!blaine,post season 2.

I don't remember much about it except that blaine is in a coma but somehow he and kurt meet each other and klaine was functioned , when kurt beings tell the new directions , each individual person about blaine they don't believe him and thinks he's gone mental , so he ignores them and doesn't bother to explain that blaine is real and not from his imaginations or mentally created by him , so when a boy comes to one directions club and asks for kurt , one directions notice that the boy 's description is totally what kurt described , he explains to kurt and to them that he was in a coma {i really don't remember the reason maybe it was an accident or a gay bash } but somehow he meet kurt and became in love with him {one direction may have or may have not apologize for doubting kurt's sainty }

2) rachel's parents bullied kurt fiction

rachel's parent bully kurt on the phone,like what happened in the canon episode where someone called the shop and told burt that his son was gay and burt recognize his voice because he answered. I think there was a new directions practice or a ceremony? where the parents were present and burt heard how there princess was better and etc and burt recognize him and gave him a piece of his mind and the new direction comfort kurt while rachel couldn't believe that her father did this and perry was thrown out by mr.shue.

Found by sliverwings4 and moonflowerkc links can be found inside

May. 25th, 2015


kurtbastian fics


I am a big fan of kurtbastian and Blaine being the bad guy. Sorry.

If anyone knows of any great kurtbastian fics then plz comment below.

Thank you
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I was wondering if there were any stories on Rachel dating a Warbler like Nick,Jeff or anyone else I'm really interested in reading them I'd any one has found some 😀😄😄😄 sorry if I messed up any of the tagsI'm new to this and on a mobile device

May. 24th, 2015



Karofsky kidnaps Blaine and rapes him

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )


Help finding this lost fic plz

i dont remember if it is merlin/arthur, jack/ianto or kurt/blaine but i am trying on all 3 just in case someone recognises it. here is what i remember:

the pair are a gay couple who either meet on a cruise or go together on a cruise with their friends. I remember that one part of the pair treats another to a garden thats on the boat. I also remember they stop at an island where being gay is punishable by death or jail time so they have to act as friends but when they return to the boat, they are extremely unhappy. i do believe at the end of the fic, they are due to go their separate ways but they stay together.

if any of you fantastic people recognise it or may think you know it then please comment and i will have a look

thank you.

May. 21st, 2015


Specific fic search

Hi :)

New here :)

So I just remembered about a fic I read some years ago but well, I can't find it.

It was Kurt/Blaine. Uhh, not sure if Blaine was a new transfer student but he was definitely the bad boy type, something about prison too if I'm correct. And then I remember that somehow Kurt and Blaine end up together and Blaine gets accepted by Kurt's father. Quite nicely really, ends up treating him like his own son and then if I remember correctly, an accident? And there was a lot of bashing because they are gay, expecially Kurt.

This is really ugh. I can't remember well so I can't expect someone to help me but if yes, oh you'll have no idea how happy that'd make me.

Thanks :)

May. 19th, 2015

KyuMin Love


Hero Kurt fic recs

Hi! It's me again! Lol
Now I'm looking for fic recs where Kurt saved someone's life and got hurt/injured because of that.
Any Kurt pairing is okay (tho I prefer Klaine).
Oh and no chara death please.
Thanks in advance!

May. 17th, 2015


Looking for angsty fic where (slayer?) Kurt has to deal with being enemies with (vampire?) Blaine

A while ago I came across a fic where the gist of the summary promised an angsty fic where Kurt had to grapple with the fact that he has to somehow take care of / kill / ? Blaine, who he loves (edited my post a bit because I only read the summary I'm not sure it was necessarily kill) .

I'm pretty sure I saw it on and that it was a slayer/vampire sort of story.  But I've spent hours trawling and sadly can't find it.  I'm kicking myself for not reading it when I first came across it--if anyone can point me in the right direction you'd have my utmost gratitude!

I'd also welcome any Klaine recommendations that have a similar theme of it being on opposite sides of someone you care for.

May. 11th, 2015



I am have two requests but both I would like to be Kurt/Blaine. The first is stories that have Kurt finding sanctuary at Dalton and really blossoming there. Maybe even stays instead of returning to McKinley.

The second is Kurt being at Dalton and they are taking for granted him being there. Are there any stories where they are forced to realize their mistake and Kurt stays at Dalton?

May. 10th, 2015


Asylum Kurt and puck

I read a fic a while back, there were character deaths and puck and Kurt in a mental hospital. They hooked up I believe and then at the end im pretty sure one of them killed themself just can't remember who or anymore then that.


Kurt/Sebastian fic


I am looking for Kurt/Sebastian fic. In the fic Kurt has turned Blaine's proposal down and he leaves.

Later on he runs into Rachel and Blain who are getting married. Kurt is with Sebastian and he's pregnant.

Anyone know the name of this



Secret Klaine Relationship with Bully Blaine

I'm looking for a fic that had Kurt and Blaine in a secret relationship. It start out with Kurt and Blaine becoming best friends when they are younger but kids start bullying Kurt pretty badly. So kurt asks Blaine to pretend to become his bully to protect him in the long run, Blaine agrees after a lot of pushing. Fast forward in high school Blaine and Kurt are in love and in a secret relationship and Blaine is still acting as Kurt's bully. I also remember Blaine having a breakdown and the Glee Club realizes that they are together and Blaine is not really a bully.

If anyone can help me with this that would be awesome! Also this is my first time posting so I hope I did everything almost right.

FOUND:Hiding Who We Truly Are by Ella-Tripier

May. 8th, 2015



SEARCHING for a two specific fic's.

All I remember was that Kurt and Puck were together or had just started and went on a trip and wound up in a caffe where they bumped into Dave Karofsky who was dating Blaine, I think that those two had met at an LGTBQ place? I remember that Dave's brother was in the hospital because he was attacked, I think by his own homophobic father trying to protect Dave and was on life support. Replaceable

The second story was split into two stories but each chapter sort of overlapped. The first was from Kurt and Puck's side, and the second was Dave Karofsky and his boyfriend, his boyfriend who was a mechanic I think and drove a motorcycle.

Thanks to tayla36 These two are called Liberty and Freedom

EDIT: Both of these fics are Puckurt, not Kurtbastian like I originally thought. I tried changing the tags but they seem to be reverting back to the first tags I put on this post, which are now incorrect. Mods I tried three times but it keeps reverting back. I don't know why.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure if I mixed up a few details or not.

May. 6th, 2015


Just a Memory Away Puckurt

Hey I'm looking if anyone has the fic Just a Memory Away? It was Puck and Kurt and Puck was a cop who lost his memory and didn't remember Kurt who had a child with him! I remember Mercedes was a big character in it! I know she deleted it so I was wondering if someone could pm it to me?? Please help!
KyuMin Love


Kurtanny/Hummelberry with Klaine fic recs

Anyone here can recommend me any good Kurtanny/Hummelberry with endgame!Klaine fic?
Got a bit nostalgic with Kurtanny after re-watching season 1 so... anyone? 😀😀

May. 3rd, 2015

Fanfic therapy


Looking for 2 Kurtcentric fics

I think these are two different stories, but I could have this confused and they are the same one, but I'm really not sure. I just re-read a fic that reminded me of another story I'd read quite a while ago and I can't find it in my list of what I've read so I'm hoping they sound familiar to someone. I don't remember the pairing for either of these fics but I'll give as much as I remember.

Fic #1:
In this one, I remember Kurt finally telling his father about what happened with the crush on Finn and the conversation about Sam and how Finn basically accused Kurt of being predatory after which Burt was furious about how different this was from what Finn had told them.

Fic #2 In this story, Finn has something bordering on obsessive feelings for Kurt. He's not in love with him, but doesn't want anyone else to have him either. If I'm remembering correctly, this finally comes out in front of some of the other New Directions in the auditorium. Finn has been acting friendly to Kurt but sort of expected him to help with whatever Finn felt like asking for and might have even tried to sabotage Kurt's other relationships.
shawn pipe door


Specific mpreg

I don't remember much of this. Kurt had a child but didn't tell Blaine. One point their child is in hospital and needs blood or something and Kurt asks Blaine to help. I also remember Finn beating Blaine up. (I could be confusing 2 fics here)

Any help welcome.


Puckleberry college future fic search

Hi I'm trying to find a fic where puck and Rachel are going to college in two different places. I don't think they're dating but they're keeping in touch. Puck is having problems and treats Rachel pretty badly, I remember his dad turns up again with a new family and puck doesn't take it well.

He and his sister eventually go to visit his dad and he tries to call Rachel who then cuts contact with him because he's been treating her so bad. Rachel is pretty good friends with sam in the story too he eventually has a conversation with puck about her. I think puck eventually calls his mother in to help him sort out his problems and try to fix things with Rachel.

This is about as much as I remember, I'd really love to read it again so fingers crossed it rings a bell with someone. Thanks.


Looking for specific Kurtcentric fic

Looking for a fic that takes place around the Duets episode. Finn tells Kurt that he can't sing with Sam and Kurt sings Le Jazz Hot like he does in the episode. In the fic he asks one of the male senior Cheerios if he and a few other guys from the squad can help him with his number, he tells him that if he wins he'll give him the Breadsticks voucher and he can take the girl he likes. After the number Finn comes in to the change room to tell Kurt how awesome it was and Kurt tells him to go away. He won't so the senior Cheerio (can't remember his name) tells him to get out. Kurt doesn't win but gives the guy a voucher anyway because he helped.

May. 2nd, 2015


specific abused Blaine fic

I don't remember much of this fic just one particular bit. I think Kurt and Blaine are soulmates. Blaine is being abused by his dad who would lock him in his bedroom and chain him to the bed.

That is all I remember so fingers crossed someone might know it. I do remember it was complete.

Thanks for any help.

(First time posting hope tags are okay)

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