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glee finders by debris_k

August 2016



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Aug. 23rd, 2016


St.Berry Fanfiction

Rachel goes missing glee club tries to find her but no success. Rachel calls Noah and asks him to come and get her. When she asks her location she tells him she tells him that she doesn't know. They go to Shelby. Shelby then calls Jesse and he comes to help. Jesse finds Rachel in a bad state. He takes her to Shelby's house and helps her to clean. Quinn asks him about what he just did for Rachel. He tells her he can do anything for her. Later Jesse and Rachel talk and she tells him how she end up like that.

Aug. 16th, 2016


Kurt and Santana

I don't remember much of this fic, but Santana when Kurt didn't get into NYADA she went and met with Carmen Tibideaux about it. Something to do with his application. He didn't have enough exta-curriculars. And Santana listed off the extras that he didn't put on there. I'm not sure who Kurt was paired with (not Klaine).
I thought it was the Dance verse series by chocoholicannanymous ( http://archiveofourown.org/series/294611 ), but it wasn't. That's good too.

Aug. 11th, 2016

Be A Gilmore


Kurt fanfiction

Hi im looking for a story that i believe i originally read on Fanfiction.net i don't remember the name but in it Kurt is raped by Karofsky and transfers to Dalton, he starts cutting himself and become roommates w/ Blaine who used to cut himself as well. Kurt becomes friends w/ Sebastian at Dalton who is in love w/ Thad.

Does anyone remember this story its driving me crazy that i cant think of the name lol. Thanks in advance for any help.

Aug. 8th, 2016


Specific Fic Lost!

Hi! I'm looking for a PDF or access to "Of Art and Broken Hearts" by of-a-crescendo
I've reached out and haven't heard anything from the author and I'm dying to read this fic.


Specific Puckurt fic

Looking for a fic where Puck wakes up from a coma and thinks that he and Kurt are a couple and it's a year? in the future. He then sets out to woo Kurt I think but I could be mixing up 2 fics. Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated

Aug. 7th, 2016

Taylor Donahoo

Kurtbastian Fic

Looking for another fic. Kurt and Blaine broke up so Kurt got with Sebastian. Well Sebastian and Kurt are in an unhealthy relationship. They are verbally and physically absuive to eachother. So if anyone knows what fic i'm talking about let me know. Please and thank you.


(no subject)

The Warblers find out about Kurt's bullying at McKinley. They were watching Jacob Ben Israel's videos and get to the part where Kurt was slushied in season 2 ep1. They're horrified, Kurt's embarrassed, but he doesn't get why they're so horrified. After all, everyone gets slushied in McKinley. He then mentions other times where he was bullied, and they get more and more horrified. I'm not sure if Blaine and Kurt were together.

Aug. 6th, 2016



Secret relationship or marriage

I'm looking for any Kurt pairing where their relationship is a secret or where they eloped/are secretly married. I'm especially hoping for fics that are reasonably canon adjacent (ya know, not historical, normal New Directions/McKinley) and I'm really not picky about pairing as long as Kurt is one of the couple (I'm fine with poly ships too)

Any suggestions? (I've already read Story of Three Boys and the Donut Verse. Multiple times.)


Kurt and his Warbler Friends - specific fic

Hi! Does anyone remember a fic where Kurt was still at Dalton and the Warblers came home with him for the weekend? It was a sleepover and all the boys were impressed with Burt (cuz he's awesome) and the relationship between he and Kurt. I don't remember if Kurt was dating anyone...

Aug. 4th, 2016


Klaine / Bitch Rachel Fanfiction

Hey so I looking for any Klaine base Fanfiction fiction where Rachel tries and fails to steal Blaine from Kurt. Klaine has to be end game.

I also would like any Bitch Rachel fanfiction were Rachel tries to break up Klaine for other reason

Aug. 2nd, 2016



Okay so this has been bugging me for days!! This fic may not be around anymore as its been three years but I really need to read it again so I can get it out of my ehad!!
Im unclear on the details but I hope someone can figure it out using the bare minimum that I have!!

Okay so its a klaine fic where either blaine or kurt gets abused/bullied and runs away. Whichever one it is sits down on a bench in the pouring rain and is found by the other which we later found out is because whichever one was bullied called them without realising. Then they get taken to the one who found them's house and they stay the night before heading back to school the next day...
I know this is so so so confusing and I'm sorry that I don't know the exact details but please help me!!!

Some little notes that may have happened but I'm not too sure?
- One was kicked out ?
- Abused by family ?

Jul. 31st, 2016

snarry, tea


Kurt and Rachel as characters from "Wicked"


So I'm reading Wicked right now (about a third of the way through) and for some reason it's put a scene from a fic in my head and won't let me forget it. I think it's Kurt thinking about him and Rachel and how their current situation lines up with the story of Wicked, with one of them being Elphelba, the other Glinda, and i think Finn was supposed to be Fiyero? and thats it. i know its completely vague hasanyone any ideas? it was almost certainly a Kurt-centric fic and complete.

thanks, Aki


Kurt visits Finn in Columbus

Hey i'm looking for a fic where Kurt visits Finn in Columbus for I think their parents anniversary. They end up having sex in Finns office and then lots of sex at Finns apartment.I remember Finn kept calling in sick for work. everything goes wrong when they have dinner with their parents and Kurt learns that Finn has a fiancee. Kurt also has a boyfriends. Hope this sounds familiar


Teacher/student Klaine at Dalton, non con Kurtbastian

I'm looking for a Klaine fic set at Dalton, where Kurt is a student and Blaine is a teacher. They start a relationship in secret. Later, Sebastian (as another teacher) finds out and blackmails Kurt into having sex with him. I remember that Kurt was estranged a bit from his family and there was a scene where Kurt starts shouting in French because he's too upset to use English.

Thanks in advance.


Searching Zombie Glee story

I am searching for a zombie glee story
It's Kurt/Puck
Kurt, Puck and Santana are traveling together to survive.
They end up finding a boat and go to the UK.
The zombie epidemic is only in America
Other recommendations are welcome as well

Jul. 30th, 2016

BJ kiss


Kurt writes a musical about his life

Hi everyone!

I hope someone will recognize this fic:

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt writes a musical about his life and it's a big success.

I think it's after his time in McKinley, but I can't remember if Kurt is with Blaine or not.

Thanks in advance


Jul. 26th, 2016

Taylor Donahoo

Glee Recs

Hello my fellow Gleesters. I'm here for some recommendations. Lately I've been reading Elderly Klaine and I'm proud to say that I love it. So i'm wondering if anyone knows of any good Elderly Klaine Fics, personally I love a good punch to the feels so the sadder the better. Thank you :)

(If an example is needed read Headway towards the end.)


Jul. 25th, 2016



Hey I'm looking for a Puck and Kurt fan-fiction I read a while back. Kurt and Puck are a married couple with a daughter who just moved into a knew house. A neighbour women having not seen Kurt see only Puck and the daughter and think Puck a single Dad and start to flirt with him. Not sure if it was a one shot or it it was multi-chapter but I been looking for it for a while and I would really like to read it again if anyone could help THANKS

Jul. 24th, 2016


Searching for fics

Hi everyone, Im looking for two fics I cant find, I think both were en FF.net but Im not sure; and both are klaine.

In the first one Kurt was unconscious because he tried to kill himself and he keeps appearing to Blaine. In one scene the can feel each others hand when they try to touch. In the end they end up together.

In the second one Kurt wakes up one day and only he remembers Blaine, no one does and they think he´s crazy. Blaine appears at the end of the fic and he and Kurt end up together.


Jul. 22nd, 2016



Cheating fic


I'm looking for a fic where Finn and Rachel confronts Kurt about him cheating with Sam, when Sam was living in the motel. Kurt storms out and runs to Dalton, where he complaines to the Warblers and they comforts him, and Blaine knows that Kurt would never cheat on him.

Hopefully somebody knows which fic it is and can help me :) 

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